AItch aitch.

AITCH AITCH is a luxury handbag company, reviving the time-honored craftsmanship of leather making by pairing it with exquisite materials and designs. 



The underlying geometric structures that create nature’s beautiful patterns influence the designs and aesthetic of AITCH AITCH.

We design our pieces for the inspired woman. She is strong, passionate, adventurous and thoughtful, and lives a full life.

AITCH AITCH exudes these qualities in each piece we make through design, construction, and attention to detail. 



AITCH AITCH believes in reviving time-honored leather crafting practices, used for hundreds of years with proven excellence in durability and technical design.  

Working with traditional leather studios in Europe to develop a unique marriage of a modern aesthetic and old-world craftsmanship, AITCH AITCH creates pieces that will truly stand the test of time, in design and daily wear.



The salmon skin AITCH AITCH uses is sourced from organic salmon farms in Ireland, and are tanned and dyed using non-toxic, non-chemical techniques. What would otherwise be discarded as a by-product of the fishing industry is transformed into a luxurious and innovative material for AITCH AITCH pieces. 

In its finished state, the salmon skin showcases beautiful, undulating geometric patterns, highlighted in each finished AITCH AITCH piece.



AITCH AITCH has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury.  Through rigorous assessment,  AITCH AITCH has been recognized to uphold industry-wide standards of responsible brand that minimizes our environmental footprint while maximizing social good. For more information, visit, or click the Butterfly Mark to see exactly what AITCH AITCH does to uphold these standards.