HH Muse : Yana Frigelis of Nomad Luxuries

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We're starting something new, highlighting the amazing women that encapsulate our muse, the HH woman. She is passionate, adventurous, strong, and lives a full life. From close friends we've grown up with, to women we've met through launching AITCH AITCH, we're giving you a peek behind the curtain of who inspires us to create the pieces in our collection, and use every day. 

Introducing Yana Frigelis of Nomad Luxuries.


Yana started her blog, Nomad Luxuries, from a need for a creative outlet outside of her 9-5. It ended up taking on a life of its own when she chronicled her house remodel, and has evolved into a travel, fashion, and lifestyle outlet. Yana captures the passionate, adventurous side of the HH woman, which is why we sat down with her to talk about how her life has been shaped by traveling, the rituals she practices to stay grounded, and depending on yourself for your own happiness.

HH: I love how your sense of wonder and travel was sparked at such a young age, spending your summers in Greece.  Do have a specific memory from that time that you can point to as the starting point for your sense of adventure?

Yana Frigelis: It would be impossible for me to pinpoint one moment that turned that wanderlust switch on… I do feel that being exposed to travel at a young age did create that insatiable hunger for exploring. Eventually, Greece became a second home and I wanted to see more of the world- branching out from European countries to more exotic locations that fed that desire for adventure: Morocco, Egypt, India…. I’m always planning my next trip!


HH: You’ve traveled all over the world, so it might be unfair to ask where your favorite place you’ve traveled to has been, but do you have one or a top 3?

YF: I feel that each place has had its special effect on me...but if I had to narrow it down: Greece will always be my second home and it feels like a warm hug every time I go back; Morocco is a feast for the senses, a perfect combination of exotic, culture and luxury; and Rome...an ongoing love affair. I still remember my tiny apartment on Viccolo Moroni.


HH: What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve collected on your travels?



YF: There’s an element of hunting out hidden gems when traveling, whether it was the leather babouches in Morocco, vintage artwork in New Delhi or jewelry at the flea in Paris. I always looks for something that makes me remember that moment in time, a piece that I can integrate into my everyday life rather than just bringing back another souvenir.



HH:How do you keep the lessons you learn and experiences you have when traveling with you when you come home?

YF: There are always small practices that I take back with me from every country; you can find me drinking mint tea from my Moroccan tea pot and a playlist of my favorite, global tunes always on. Above all, and what I’ve always been so grateful of on my travels is the hospitality from people. In Greek, we call this “filoxennia” which literally translates to “friend of a stranger”. It’s that uninhibited generosity that I strive to exude to others. Practicing more kindness and less judgement.


HH: Do you have any rituals you practice? Yoga, morning routine, evening routine, etc? What are they?

YF: I take a bath every night and usually bring with me a notepad and a pen, it’s when most of my ideas come to me; I rotate between yoga, pilates and more recently, soul cycle- a trifecta of energy, toning and balance; I’m not a coffee drinker so I always enjoy a cup of ginger tea in the morning and at night, my facial routine is about a 12 step process. I’m big on energy of a space- so there is always music playing and candles burning at home. Dark chocolate with sea salt and a good book, too.  


HH: Do you have any mantras or sayings you keep with you? What do they do for you?

YF: I always try and keep the perspective to work hard, surround yourself with positive people - I’m big on energy and very selective on who I keep in my close circle; be kind, always explore, stay true to yourself, which can be difficult with social media, be comfortable with being uncomfortable and most importantly, don’t depend on others for your own happiness- that’s entirely up to you. Oh, and buy yourself flowers.

Explore more of Yana’s world via Nomad Luxuries.

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