2019 - The Year of Compassion


2018 was a hard year. Our world was being tested by energies larger than ourselves, so overpowering and negative, that we often wanted to escape.  But, in order to truly move on into a brighter and more positive future, we have to learn from our feelings of frustration and anxiety about the world.  We have to change our perspective to learn lessons, so we can carry on with our heads held high, full of passion and positivity.


So, let’s look towards 2019 with strength, with a deep-seeded knowledge that we will make a difference in the world if we stay true to our intentions, our core values, and our beliefs.  Bring your passion to the world, and if the world lets you down, be gentle with yourself.  Look for compassion in others, and surround yourself with those people, they will help you through the hard times, and celebrate the great ones.


The cycles through our life are full of ups and downs, and recognizing when we are down, that we need help getting back up, is a powerful realization. We are drawn to our friends, the family we choose, because they help rebuild and strengthen parts of us that need a little extra love and care.  Let your friends be there for you, be vulnerable in front of them, and let your people show you their love and compassion for you.


So, for us, 2019 is the year of compassion. Be gentle, be kind, keep your head held high and your heart open.  We’ll get through this one and many more together.