HH Muse : Ula Blocksage

Welcome our next HH MUSE, Ula. 


We met Ula while traveling in Europe— she’s a green beauty brand consultant, and incredible photographer. We fell in love with her laid back style and intense glow from her beautiful soul and gorgeous skin. She’s a nature lover at heart, and captures beauty in the places she travels for all of us to enjoy. Read below for our conversation about rituals, skincare, and why nature is truly the best medicine.


HH: Hi Ula! Your work is all so creative, what is your favorite part about what you do?



Ula: To be honest, this is a tricky one to answer as there are many things that I love about what I do. I am a natural skincare formulator, in the process of launching my own organic skincare brand. I also work as a beauty consultant, run a natural beauty, travel and holistic lifestyle blog and YouTube channel and am also a professional lifestyle and portrait photographer. Yes that is a lot! But to sum it all up... I love that I have created a situation in which I work for myself, where I am able to collaborate with beautiful and inspiring people on a regular basis and that each day is different to the next.


HH: I loved your post about digital detox-- and I practice it myself.  What made you first want to try it, what did you learn about yourself from it, and what frequency do you take digital detoxes?

UB: I have a tricky relationship with social media, as I am sure many of us out there do also. I love what it offers in terms of business promotion, everyday inspiration and that it presents the opportunity to make connections with people you would have otherwise never come across in your everyday life. I have many a beautiful friendship that came into existence because of my presence on social media. On the other hand, if you do not keep yourself in check it can become all consuming and you could find yourself checking your instagram feed 50 times a day, not to mention the feelings of inadequacy that can come from the voyeuristic nature of social media. I decided that in order for me to have a healthy relationship with myself I needed to take regular digital detoxes. Being self employed means I do not get to do this as often as I would like, especially in the form of a country escape. However, I no longer check my social channels as frequently as before. I prefer to use that time away from a screen, engaging in my physical life and doing things for myself that bring me happiness.


HH: You’ve studied herbalism-- what drew you to learn more about nature’s herbs and their benefits?  How has it changed the way you approach eating?


UB: I have always felt most happy when surrounded by nature. We moved house a lot when I was a child, we lived by the sea, in a rainforest, even in the the desert at one point. I was always fascinated by the changing landscape and all of its minerals and flora, so for me studying herbalism seemed like a natural progression. For a very long time I have had issues with my skin. I tried many different creams and potions offered to me by dermatologists but nothing seemed to work well enough without a plethora of side effects attached. Some years later I turned to herbalism, looking for plants which presented the medicinal and therapeutic benefits I was after. I was not aware of just how much of an impact, what I was putting inside my body was having on the overall health of my skin. So I started being more conscious of my diet, eating fresh food, incorporating more herbs, tinctures, tisanes and cutting out the junk. I try to eat a vegetarian, alkaline diet as often as I can, but indeed I allow myself some leeway on holidays and special occasions.

 HH: What does living a passionate, full life mean to you?

UB: It means following my dreams. Listening to my body and my heart. Spending time doing what I love. And never passing up the opportunity to be with family and friends.

HH: What’s the best experience you’ve had while traveling?

UB: A couple of years ago I decided to take a solo trip around Ireland for a month. I did not plan the trip any further than booking my flights and my first few nights accomodation. I wanted to put myself in a situation in which I would really take each day as it came. I am an extreme over analyser and so for me spending a month not in control and going with the flow was incredible. The people I met on my journey, the experiences I had and the things that I saw during that one month solo trip, were some of the best moments of my life. Letting go is seriously the best sensation!

HH: What about traveling inspires you?

UB: The different landscapes, the people, the food, the culture, the language. Quite simply everything!


HH: Do you have any rituals you practice? Yoga, morning routine, evening routine, etc? What are they?

UB: I try to practice yoga 3 or so times a week as it really seems to help me at limiting my stress levels. However, I do of course have a solid morning and evening skincare routine which is really in depth and so important to me. As I mentioned earlier, I have had a lot of issues with my skin so taking care of myself in this way is something I have been practicing for a very long time. I love taking this time to look after myself, to enjoy the sensory experience and these few moments of calm.

HH: Do you have any mantras or sayings you keep with you? What do they do for you?

UB: ‘Life is For Living‘ - something my mum and dad have said to me for as long as I can remember. It reminds me to live in the present moment, to not spend too much time dwelling on the past nor looking too much towards the future and the things I can not control.


HH: Last but certainly not least, what’s your favorite HH bag / color?

UB: My favourite HH bag would have to be the Amelia backpack, it is just so perfect. The design is classic, the material is sustainably sourced and it literally goes with every single outfit you could imagine. I have it in black but I would so love to have it in nude as well. :)


Follow Ula and her many talents at www.ulablocksage.com and on Instagram.